So what does Mrs. Claus do anyway?

So what does Mrs. Claus do anyway?

Lovely little question my husband put out there at dinner one night last week. I immediately followed it with a crack or two on my Facebook page – you know – just like a man to say that kind of comment and other quips like that.

However, she should be one of the role models of how to work with your spouse and not kill him. Or her (we are an equal opportunity blog)

Think about it. There has to be some major organizational skills going on in order to build, organize and wrap toys to deliver in one night. I am aware he has an army of elves, but someone has to make sure everything is running smoothly with the employees. Is it Santa or Mrs. Claus?


Know your strengths and divide the duties based on those strengths.

If you are the one who can command an army of little people, then do so. If you are easily swayed by their sweet little faces, then maybe this job should go to your spouse. Either way, be respectful of the decision your spouse has made. If an elf has to go, they have to go.

Even if it means less cookies are being made while she handles the employees.

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