What does Chandler Bing do?

What does Chandler Bing do?

None of the other friends ever knew, why should you?

Just kidding of course. He did statistical analysis and data reconfiguration – this is what I found on a blog post when I did some research, because frankly, I had no idea either. This topic came up at one of my Mastermind groups. I used it as an example on how no matter how much you promote yourself or your business, the most unlikely people will have no idea what you do or who you are trying to reach…

So this holiday season when you are around your family, friends, neighbors, etc., consider cluing them in on what type of client you are looking for, any new programs you are going to be rolling out in the new year, and who your favorite client is. Arm them with business cards, or any other materials they are willing to give out. If they have a better understanding, they are more likely to send you just the person you are looking for. They are already your brand champion, they just need a little more training.

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