Would you consider blogging with Your Spouse?

Would you consider blogging with Your Spouse?

I recently read an article on ProBlogger.com written by Mr. Broke Professional: the husband in the husband/wife team behind Brokeprofessionals.com. I highly recommend following Broke Professionals blog by the way. I found it very entertaining.

I absolutely loved it. He does an excellent job of capturing a lot of the points I hit in my book. I know that over the years, my husband and I have collaborated on, edited and created a lot of writings and we went through all the same things he discusses.

He breaks up the advantages, like two heads being better than one and honest feedback/criticism as well as the disadvantages such as creative control issues and when personalities collide.

Would you consider writing a blog with your husband? Check out what Mr. Broke Professional has to say and let me know your thoughts!

Check out  the full article here.

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