The challenges of remodeling your home office

The challenges of remodeling your home office

For those of you that follow me, you know that I have been sharing an office not only with my husband, but our two children. Not the best environment for someone who does a lot of conference calls and webinars. Exiled to my kitchen table almost daily, I was determined to create a space that I could function properly in. Now I finally have it. We moved over the weekend and I converted a small bedroom into an office. I painted the walls a powerful purple and now I am on the hunt for a desk.

But not just for me. My husband is joining me in our new office, so he will need one as well. Looking for small and functional, but still have the ability to hide a ton a cables and wires – he does a lot of IT type stuff.

So not only are we dealing with a design challenge, but we are now facing each other while sitting at our temporary desks. I am hoping that we can still get work done. I am finding that I am chatting more! Oddly enough, I chatted less in the old office because I was trying to block out all the noise from my kids and not talking to anyone. Now, I don’t have to do that and I am finding myself not holding back with the chit chat. Interesting.

So I will keep you posted on our progress. Feel free to leave me some tips on desks, organization and so forth!

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