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Soulmate Proprietors is a must read for every couple currently working together and those who are considering it. I have coached many business owners, many of whom are husband and wife teams. I can honestly say that any couple applying the principles in this book will strengthen their personal and business relationships, which will make their business more successful. Danelle does an excellent job of getting to the core of this unique business arrangement and using real world examples focused on making couple-run businesses thrive. She thinks big and gives couples the ability to take her advice and run with it. If you are serious about running a successful business with your spouse, this is the book for you.

Michael Port, New York Times Bestselling Author of 4 Books including Book Yourself Solid and Think Big Manifesto

Danelle Brown is an amazing woman! This book is timely in that my husband and I are working together to help individuals create a Powerful Business Presence through visual image, photography and video. We look forward to learning how to succeed in this joint venture and still keep our marriage alive and well. Thank you Danelle for giving this book to the world!

Donna Gamache,, Business Presence Expert

Compatible in the bedroom and curious if you are compatible in the boardroom? Danelle Brown’s new book Soulmate Proprietors: How To Run A Business With Your Spouse and STAY Married gives you long-lasting tools for partners at work and home. Her book goes beyond exploring the obvious ramifications—it’s a valuable and practical guide for anyone that is thinking about or currently working with their spouse.

Sharon Sayler author of What Your Body Says (And How to Master the Message): Inspire, Influence, Build Trust, and Create Lasting Business Relationships

Danelle Brown has the gift of being smart, business savvy and fun. Couples building a business together can be challenged, and Danelle helps couples figure out how to be happy and profitable business partners while keeping their marriage a priority. As someone who is in business with her spouse, Marcel, she knows her subject matter well! I always, always enjoy bouncing ideas off this incredibly connected lady.

Karen Hoffman-Your Dream Champion; Co-founder of “City of Experts” and author of The Art of Barter-How to Trade for Almost Anything

I have been in business with my spouse for 10 years and counting, and I can tell you there are not enough books about this complicated topic. I wish I had the knowledge and tips from this book years ago. SoulMate Proprietors really tackles the issues that married couples will face when working together! I highly recommend this book to any couple who is just starting a business together or are already working together. It is full of helpful ideas and strategies for making this unique working relationship both productive and rewarding.

Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO, eWomenNetwork, Inc.

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